Busy day last saturday. Started it with buying a new video card for my ancient (2001) pc. Still working super and apart from the video card and small monitor it’s still up to standard. Been alife for longer than my 2007 macbook, whose battery has deceased.
From the video card to a dim sum lunch at Tai Wu. We had turnip cake, haam su koh, shrimp cheung fan and mapo tofu with rice.

After lunch, grocery shopping and some catfood for Banat. She decided to starve herself rather than eat something that is not Fit 32.

Because we rarely ever go out, we decided to go out saturday evening. First at an outside table in Rotterdam where service was pretty bad. We were ready to get the tab, but they kept ignoring us eventhough the terras was half empty.

In the spur of the moment we went for the beach in Scheveningen. We weren’t the only ones as it took some time to find a parking spot. By then the beach had got extremely foggy. We walked the boulevard and pier and then went for a drink at Bora Bora beach club. Romantic cushiony sofa, torches and candles. It was like a miniature holiday.

For late night munchies a stop at Mickey D’s on the way home.

Here’s to more days like this one.

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