Had breakfast at Picknick (formerly Proef) today. We ordered the Picknick Platter. Which consists of several toppings and as much bread as you like. They bring the platter to the table and then at the bread section you cut as much bread as you like.

Our platter (9 euro’s per person)

picknick breakfast platter

From top to bottom, left to right: Onion relish, treacle, obatzda (camembert,beer and onion dip), mushrooms, butter, cured ham, salami, aged cheese, garden cress, young cheese. Together with the dark sour dough bread which had a salt and sesame crust. Oh and we had scones with strawberry jelly and cream for desert. *nom nom nom* They were gone before I could take a picture.

After breakfast we went to the library. We got Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell and Douglas Coupland.

Bought smancy shoes for the bf at Manfield. I tried a dress at WE, which looked horrible and bulky at the top and cute at the bottom. I didn’t buy it :(. Only got a make-up brush at Sephora’s for myself.

After all that some grocery shopping.

Great saturday! o/

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