New hosting


Got a new host and will probably renew the Zombelina design and perhaps choose a different CMS instead of wordpress.

Dead blog


Hey you. Zombelina is pretty dead right now. Nombelina my food blog is much more interesting and delicious so visit that instead!

Super easy brownies

New computer o/


iMac 27"

My old 8 yr old pc was getting ready to exploded. Got this iMac not a minute too soon, because my pc kept losing power.

Installing XP

Running Parallels and XP so I don’t need to buy a lot of new software. o/ Bit weird running windows on a mac. Still getting used to switching shortcuts. Maybe next yr I can get all new mac software. CS5 FTW!

Thanks dad..



Last year my dad bought some watches for us while he was on his holiday on the Canary Islands. I got the cheapest and most ugliest thing ever made. My BF got a Breil watch.. thanks dad. Suffice to say I never wore it other than for making this photo.

Happy kitty



Banat is doing fine again. A while ago we spent a week at my mom’s house and took the cats with us. She got all lively and playful. Toshi was being a scaredy cat for almost the whole week.

:( poor kitty


Just brought Banat back to the vet. She’ll be staying there for a while. They’re going to try to make her hold her food. 🙁

Pearl Jam concert


Yesterday we went to the Pearl Jam concert in Ahoy. Supporting act was Gomez. Didn’t know a lot of songs. If I had been smart I should have checked the setlist online. It was fun to see a bit of nostalgia.

We were about to see them at Rock Werchter in 2000, but because of the Roskilde accident they had to cancel. Now we had our chance to see them at one of their only 4 European tour dates. o/

Not my video by the way.

Saturday at the beach


Saturday was a good day. Did some shopping with birthday money and bought a new dress and jacket at H&M. Contemplated on shoes at New Look, but decided they were too expensive. They cost 35 pounds and they charged 55 euro’s which is way over priced. It’s cheaper for me to order them online. With shipping it’s still less expensive that going to the same store in Rotterdam and buy them.

Saturday evening we went to the beach. Got a bit cold, but it was very nice. Enjoyed the sunset and speculated about a possible rocket in the sky. Turned out just to be a plane from London …. oops.

On with the photo’s. Found out about this Through the viewfinder thing.. me likey.

Now have a look at this cat’s enthousiasm!


toshi & I

Happy b-day to me


About to order something at the Indigo Webshop. I have my eye on the wrap bracelets, they’re super cheap!

So I hit the big 3-oh last saturday. Do I have to grow up now?