New beginnings


A couple of months ago I quit my steady job designing erotic portals in The Hague and ventured going on my own again. My job was fine, but started to get a bit monotonous. I wanted to create more diverse websites and try to develope myself more as a designer.

I finally got my new design online for Peejeej.com and started working on my personal blog for all things related and non-related including my passion for reading, pets and cooking/eating.

For the Peejeej.com design I wanted something to showcase my design skills and keep a bit of personality. And I got use one of my favourite “older” vector graphics.

The Zombelina design came very naturally. I wanted to create a darker version of myself. The horror aspect ofcourse to go with it. Patchy zombie skin, ripped lips, the little robot icon not so cheerful anymore. And ofcourse some goo :D.



Feeling pretty awful today, my stomach is doing turns and my belly is crampy. Hope it wont get worse.

Zombelina live!


Finally got my personal blog online again.

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