After getting some ideas, inspiration and brainwashing online I decided it was time to have a little make up shopping spree. Mind you, my sprees aren’t that extreme.

I always had a problem with eyeshadow coverage and always stuck to the same black and brown colors. I wanted to experiment somewhat, but didn’t want to buy a lot of seperate colors. Eureka the solution.


I was a bit hesitant at first. At a price of 18 euro’s incl shipping (ebay) I thought it was a bit cheap. This palette is absolutely fantastic though. Heavy pigmented, lots of colors, nice packaging. Been experimenting a bit, but still need more pratce.

Now my second buy. I’ve been looking for the right foundation for a while. Always ended up buying the wrong color or the wrong type of foundation. Finally figured out I needed one with a yellow base instead of a pink base. Once went to a local store specialised in ethnic make up. It was just my luck that the professional employees were at a some trade fair and left a n00b in charge. Again I left with a pink based foundation.

Then the height of mineral foundations. I got some and the color was great. Downside is that my skin is pretty dry and mineral foundation is the nemesis of dry skin.

Drum roll… I had seen Zhen Beauty cosmetics before. And finally bought “Matte Foundation” in the color Bamboo. I got it through ebay, because of paypal. I wasn’t sure which color to chose so with my Bamboo I got a free sample of Almond foundation and Cashew powder. Great customer service, but even better.. I love the foundation.


On I read Zhen Beauty might be going bust though. I hope they’ll stay alive.

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